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  • Oracle Unified Directory at a glance

    Posted by "" in "FMW" on 2014-10-08


    Oracle Unified Directory is next generation LDAP v3 compliant directory service in the market. It is lightweight as compared to other directory service providers as it is entirely developed in Java and comes with out of the box Java performance tuning. It can handle load of billions of entries. It is designed to increase read and write operations performance. At the backend it leverages Object Oriented Database – Oracle Berkeley Database Java Edition.

    Key Features:

    Java based directory
    Maturity and Stability
    Leveraging Oracle Berkeley Database Java Edition
    Highly Available Solution
    Performance for current and future needs
    Social networking ready
    Scale directory service with business growth
    Advanced replication model
    Superior manageability and supportability
    Highly secure directory service
    A standards based directory server
    Extensibility Framework for Directory services
    Oracle Unified Directory flexible deployments
    Single Data Center HA
    Multi Data Center HA
    ODSEE and OUD Compatibility
    Global Index

    Oracle Unified Directory Components:

    Directory Server – Stores directory data
    Proxy Server – acts as an interface for load balancing and/or data distribution between the client and the remote LDAP Directory server
    Replication gateway – provides replication between Oracle Unified Directory and Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition



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