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  • Oracle SOA Suite 12c – Quick Start Domain Configurations

    Posted by "" in "FMW, WebLogic" on 2014-07-25


    This article is first of four part series on Oracle SOA Suite 12c Domain Configurations. Here we will discuss the new types of domain configurations released in this release of Oracle SOA.

    Oracle SOA Suite 12c Quick Installer Distribution allows you to install Oracle SOA domain in a development or evaluation environment quickly. These domains are not supposed to be used or migrated to the production environments. The typical usage of them is to deploy and test applications during the development phase.

    The step-by-step installation of SOA Suite 12c Quick Start distribution is given in this post: http://trainings.k21technologies.com/oracle-soa-suite-12c-quick-start-installation/


    Following are the key characteristics:

    • Use on a single host
    • Use only for development or evaluation purposes
    • Limited to one Administration server with no option to add managed servers
    • Cluster not supported
    • Not recommended for production environments
    • Use Java DB to store schemas
    • Extended applications might need schemas to be stored in Oracle databases

    Included Components

    Following components are included in the standard quick start distribution:

    • Oracle BPEL Process Manager
    • Oracle Human Workflow
    • Oracle Business Rules
    • Oracle Mediator
    • Oracle Service Bus
    • SOA Spring Component
    • Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Component
    • Java DB

    Excluded Components

    Following components need to be downloaded separately if you want to have them in your domain:

    • Oracle Business Activity Monitoring
    • Oracle B2B
    • Oracle SOA Suite for Healthcare Integration
    • Oracle Enterprise Scheduler
    • Oracle Managed File Transfer
    • Oracle Event Processing

    Quick Start Domain Configurations

    After the installation of Oracle SOA Suite 12c Quick Start distribution is complete, the next step is to configure domain so that you can start deploying and running your SOA applications.

    Quick Start distribution allows you to create three types of domains depending on the requirements during development.

    1. Default Domain
      1. It is created by starting the Integrated WebLogic Server of JDeveloper on the very first time
      2. The domain configurations are stored under JDEV_USER_DIR environment variable if specified otherwise they re created under $HOME/.jdeveloper directory in linux
      3. It can be started from command line even if JDeveloper is not running
    2. Standalone Domain
      1. It is created by running <MW_HOME>/soa/common/bin/qs_config.sh command
      2. It creates a standalone domain configuration with no links to JDeveloper
      3. Server can be linked to JDeveloper by adding server entry in Application Resources panel
    3. Compact Domain
      1. It is created by running <MW_HOME>/oracle_common/common/bin/config.sh command
      2. It provides you the ability to select the components that you wish to install
      3. If any of the components does not run on Java DB, you are asked to provide schema created by RCU from Oracle database
      4. Server can be linked to JDeveloper by adding server entry in Application Resources panel


    This post just provides a brief overview of all three supported domain configurations by quick start distribution. In the next few blogs, we will be diving deeper into each of them.





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