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  • Oracle Mobile Security Suite Certification (1Z1-442)

    Posted by "" in "OMSS" on 2014-12-30


    Here at K21 Technologies, we strive to learn, work and provide training on the latest Oracle products in the market. Oracle Mobile Security Suite is one of the latest offering by Oracle in mobile space. Oracle Mobile Security Suite provides secure access to the corporate resources on employees’ personal phone. It overcomes the limitations imposed by solutions like Mobile Device Management. It comes with the enterprise ready widely used applications. These apps operate in a secured environment termed as Container. Container provides a Secure Enterprise Workspace from which apps can access the corporate data. To know more about Oracle Mobile Security Suite, have a look at this post : http://trainings.k21technologies.com/introduction-to-oracle-mobile-security-suite/
    This is first of several blogposts on the Oracle Mobile Security Suite Certification that we are going to post. Recently Oracle have released the certification – Oracle Mobile Security Suite 11g Essentials Exam – 1Z1-442.This certification is available to everyone. If you company is an Oracle partner, you will earn the recognition as Oracle Partner Network Certified Specialist. At a higher level, the topics covered are Oracle Mobile Security Suite Fundamentals, Mobile Security Access Server (MSAS), Mobile Security Administrative Console (MSAC), Mobile Security File Manager (MSFM), Mobile Security Notification Server (MSNS), Containerisation, Provisioning, Security Policies and Deployment.
    This post is just to give you an idea about what all topics are covered by this exam and what you can expect. We will cover each topic in a separate blog post. We will also keep this post updated by providing links to the blogs posted in the future about this certification. Following is a list of topics covered by this certification.


    Oracle Mobile Security Suite 11Fundamentals

    • Describe the product components in Oracle Mobile Security Suite 11g
    • Describe Oracle Mobile Security Suite 11g architecture
    • Describe the single sign-on process

    Oracle Mobile Security Suite Access Server (MSAS)

    • Describe Oracle mobile security access server architecture
    • Configure the mobile security suite access server
    • Configure the Mobile Security Suite Access Server Certificates
    • Configure the Authentication Mechanisms (Kerberos, PKINIT, AD)

    Oracle Mobile Security Suite Admin Console (MSAC)

    • Describe Oracle mobile security admin console architecture
    • Manage containersManage users and groups
    • Configure the catalogConfigure branding

    Oracle Mobile Security Suite File Manager (MSFM)

    • Describe the overall and runtime architecture for mobile security file manager
    • Configure mobile security suite file manager

    Oracle Mobile Security Suite Notification Server (MSNS)

    • Describe Oracle mobile security notification server architecture
    • Configure the mobile security suite notification server

    Oracle Mobile Security Suite Containerization

    • Describe the mobile applications containerization process
    • Describe signing requirements for mobile applications
    • Set up containerization for mobile applications
    • Manage the containerization process
    • Set up c14n and required libraries on a Mac OS X

    Oracle Mobile Security Suite Provisioning

    • Describe the overall container provisioning process
    • Configure single sign-on Integration for mobile applications
    • Configure a secure workspace
    • Manage secure workspace provisioning
    • Manage provisioning for mobile applications
    • Configure the provisioning profile for IOS/Android

    Oracle Mobile Security Suite Policies

    • Define authentication policies
    • Configure catalog policies
    • Configure container and mobile application policies
    • Configure policies for devices


    • Describe server requirements
    • Explain deployment configurations
    • Describe troubleshooting tasks
    • Set up Oracle Mobile Security Suite pre-requisites (Database, LDAP, OAM, Microsoft AD, Exchange)
    • Install the mobile security access server
    • Install the mobile security admin console
    • Install the mobile security file manager
    • Install the mobile security notification server
    • Configure the mobile security access server load balancing service


    Oracle Mobile Security Suite can be used in various ways for iOS as well as Android devices. e.g. you can use it in conjunction with Oracle Access Manager for Single-Sign On. We will also see a few use cases where we can containerise the mobile applications on both iOS and Android devices.

    We will be posting one blog per topic in the coming weeks to help us prepare for the certification. We will keep this post updated with the hyperlinks to the newer posts.

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