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  • Oracle LDAP Performance Testing Tool

    Posted by "" in "oid" on 2014-12-07


    LDAP Performance plays a major role in the overall performance of the application and is one of the highly critical factors during the implementation phase. It is paramount to have the LDAP properly tuned with appropriate configuration.

    Oracle provide LDAP performance testing tool to evaluate the performance of an LDAP server. We can use this tool for various LDAPv3 compliant directory servers including Oracle Internet Directory, Oracle Virtual Directory and Oracle Unified Directory. We will have a look at the options provided by the utility and how to use them.


    Download and Installation

    The testing tool can be downloaded from the following link:



    It is a zip file containing the folder LDAPPerfTools. It contains following directories:

    bat – For Windows

    bin – For Linux




    You must have Java installed on the system and it should be in the PATH.



    The tool provides following utilities:



    The addrate utility measures the throughput and response time of ldapadd operations.


    bin/addrate –hostName “localhost:1389” –bindDN “cn=directory manager” –bindPasswordFile /tmp/password.txt –templateFile /tmp/templateLDIF.ldif –argument “inc(/tmp/cns.txt)” –argument “randstr(30,[A-Z][a-z][0-9]();-)” –numConnections 1 –-noRebind –percentile 99.5



    The authrate utility measures the bind throughput and the response time of a directory service using user-defined bind or search-then-bind operations.


    bin/authrate –hostName localhost:1389 –bindDN ‘%s’ –bindPassword password –argument “rand(/tmp/binddns.txt)” –numConnections 2 –targetThroughput 500 –invalidPassword 20



    The delrate utility is used when you want to measure the throughput and the response time of delete operations.


    bin/delrate –hostName “localhost:1389” –bindDN “cn=directory manager” –bindPassword password –asynchronous –noRebind –numConnections 4 –numThreads 5 –scriptFriendly –percentile 99 –targetDN ‘uid=user. %1$d,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com’ –argument “inc(1,1000000)”



    The modrate utility measures the throughput and response time of ldap modify operations.


    bin/modrate –hostName “localhost:1389” –bindDN “cn=directory manager” –bindPassword password –noRebind –numConnections 4 –numThreads 5 –percentile 99 –targetDN ‘uid=user.%1$d,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com’ –argument “inc(1,1000000)” –argument “randstr(10)” –argument “rand(1000,10000)” ‘description:%2$s’ ‘postalCode:%3$d’



    The searchrate utility measures the throughput and respons time of ldap search operations.


    bin/searchrate –hostName “localhost:1636” –useSSL –trustAll –bindDN “cn=directory manager” –bindPassword password –baseDN ‘%1$s’ –argument “dc=example,dc=com” –searchScope sub –argument ‘inc(1,10000)’ ‘&(objectclass=person)(uid=user.%2$d)’ cn


    The above section gives just basic idea about the utilities. You can find the exact usage and more information about each of them in the following User’s Guide:




    LDAP Performance Testing tool is an excellent utility provided by Oracle to test the performance of add, delete, modify, search and bind operations on an LDAP server. It provides you the throughput and response time of each of the operation and helps you evaluate the performance of the LDAP server.


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