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  • Oracle Access Management Suite 11g Certification 1Z0-479

    Posted by "" in "OAAM, OAM, OES, Oracle" on 2015-03-25

    Oracle Access Manager is a part of the Oracle Identity & Access M product suite, which is a part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware products suite. OAM is a security domain product, providing enhanced security and control by applying security protocols on various tiers. OAM provides enterprises a user friendly way to manage internal and external applications providing Single Sign-On (SSO) , SAML based Federation, and Secure Token Service (STS)

    A great way to get ahead of the curve is to get Oracle certified in this product. This can be done by clearing the Oracle Access Management Suite Plus 11g Essentials 1Z0-479 exam. The exam is 2 hours long with 70 multiple choice questions. No, you don’t need to worry since there are no negative markings, although you need to get a 60% score in to get certified.

    Oracle has provided ample sources to prepare for this exam. Let me help you to break down and understand what the exam comprises of. Oracle Access Management Suite Plus 11g Essentials Exam broadly covers ten topics:

    1)     Oracle Access Management Suite Plus fundamentals

    2)     Oracle Access Management Access Manager I

    3)     Oracle Access Management Access Manager II

    4)     Oracle Access Management Security Token Service

    5)     Oracle Access Management Identity Federation

    6)     Oracle Access Management Mobile and Social

    7)     Identity Context

    8)     Oracle Adaptive Access Manager

    9)     Oracle Entitlements Server

    10)  Deployment

    Topics 1-3, primarily cover understanding the need for OAM, the key features, the architecture, how the various components are set up to provide various features. SSO, federation, data stores, setting authentication/authorization policies, etc.

    Topic 4 is about the Security Token Service (STS), it covers the concept and how it is applied to solve problems.

    Topic 5 is about federation and how can be implemented in OAM to achieve SSO for end users and facilitating them to login only once.

    OAM extends its functionality by providing security with mobile devices as well. Topic 6 talks about implementing SSO in mobiles, providing social login eg: Facebook

    The identity context concept and configuration is covered in topic 7. Topic 8 is about how Oracle Adaptive Access Manager (OAAM) is configured with OAM to provide security services like OTP (One time password), KBA (Knowledge Based Authentication), etc.

    Topic 9 describes how Oracle Entitlements Server (OES) can be configured to store policies and work with OAM to provide fine grained authorization to applications. Topic 10 covers the various ways the products can be installed and provide solutions. Troubleshooting, migration for other platforms are the other topics covered in deployment.

    I hope this gives you are fair idea about the certification exam. For more details on the exam and scope please follow the link below.


    In the coming weeks I’ll pick topics and start posting study material and tips on that topic.

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