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  • How to find pid, port and memory consumption of running Oracle Internet Directory instance

    Posted by "" in "oid, ovd" on 2014-07-01

    This is a quick post to walk you through the steps to find the process identifier, port and memory utilization by a running Oracle Internet Directory Instance.

    The command to start and stop OID instance is opmnctl which is present at location: <MW_HOME>/<INSTANCE_NAME>/bin

    Following is the usage of opmnctl command:

    opmnctl help


    usage: opmnctl [verbose] [<scope>] <command> [<options>]

    verbose: print detailed execution message if available

    Permitted <scope>/<command>/<options> combinations are:




    We can use the above commands with some additional options to get more information about the processes.

    Consider the following command executed on an OID instance directory:

    opmnctl status –l

    This command gives you the details about the running instance of OID. The following figure shows the process identifier, status, uid, memory used, uptime and ssl and non-ssl ports being used by OID instance.


    This post will be particularly useful in troubleshooting the problems when OID, OVD, OUD, OHS are deployed in high availability clustered mode with multiple instances running on different ports.

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