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  • Error reading file due to malformed XML data file^../ObAccessClient.xml

    Posted by "" in "linux, OAM" on 2015-01-15

    In Oracle Access Manager 10g Webgates, the ObAccessClient.xml file is continuously watched and updated programmatically by the webgate plugin. In case of event of insufficient disk space or operating system I/O error, the ObAccessClient.xml file may get corrupted and you may start encountering the logs in oblog.log as below:


    2015/01/12@16:30:08.530990      15497   15497   INIT    ERROR   0x000003B6      ../oblistrwutil.cpp:192 “Could not read file”   filename^/u01/oracle/products/webgate10g/access/oblix/config/oblog_config.xml
    Using NPTL Threading Library.
    2015/01/12@16:30:08.532131      15497   15497   INIT    ERROR   0x000003BB      ../oblistrwutil.cpp:212 “Error reading file due to malformed XML data”  file^/u01/oracle/products/webgate10g/access/oblix/lib/ObAccessClient.xml
    2015/01/12@16:30:08.532172      15497   15497   ACCESS_CLIENT   FATAL   0x00001C01      /scratch/alnguyen/Oblix/coreid1014/palantir/aaa_client/src/aaa_service_client.cpp:393   “Unable to read the configuration file.  The file might be corrupt.  Please rerun the configuration”    configFile^/u01/oracle/products/webgate10g/access/oblix/lib/ObAccessClient.xml
    2015/01/12@16:30:08.532436      15497   15497   ACCESS_SDK      FATAL   0x0000181C      /scratch/alnguyen/Oblix/coreid1014/palantir/access_api/src/obconfig.cpp:494     “Oracle AccessGate API is not initialized.”     raw_code^204
    2015/01/12@16:30:08.532657      15497   15497   ACCESS_GATE     FATAL   0x00001520      /scratch/alnguyen/Oblix/coreid1014/palantir/webgate2/src/apache2entry_web_gate.cpp:433  “Exception thrown during WebGate initialization”
    2015/01/12@16:30:08.532751      15497   15497   ACCESS_GATE     FATAL   0x0000181C      /scratch/alnguyen/Oblix/coreid1014/palantir/webgate2/src/apache2entry_web_gate.cpp:434  “Oracle AccessGate API is not initialized.”     raw_code^204
    This error means that Webgates are not able to connect to OAM server since the main configuration file is corrupt.


    This issue has been fixed in Oracle Access Manager 10g versions but I have experienced it with 10g Webgates and OAM 11gR2PS2. To get rid of this error, you can either regenerate this file by configuring the webgate again or replace it from backup if you had kept any. (Of course, first fix the insufficient disk space or I/O error on the system).

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