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    Oracle SOA Suite 12c – Quick Start Domain Configurations

    Posted by "" in FMW, WebLogic on 2014-07-25

    Introduction This article is first of four part series on Oracle SOA Suite 12c Domain Configurations. Here we will discuss the new types of domain configurations released in this release of Oracle SOA. Oracle SOA Suite 12c Quick Installer Distribution allows you to install Oracle SOA domain in a development or evaluation environment quickly. These […]

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    OAM11gR2 Installation – Check points

    Posted by "" in FMW, OAM, WebLogic on 2014-07-18

    Recently while attending an IAM bootcamp I came across couple of repeated questions from newbies so I decided to blog them. Hope it helps other fellow consultants too. 1. Pre-Requisites Kernel Failure This is one of the most common ignored pre-req check while installing any FMW component.This pre-requisite checks the configuration settings which is stored […]

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    Managing Webtier(OHS) using Fusion Middleware Control Console (/em)

    Posted by "" in FMW, WebLogic on 2014-07-16

    To begin with, I want to highlight the importance of Oracle HTTP Server to the Fusion Middleware. OHS is designed to deliver following benefits: Deliver HTTP Listener for Oracle WebLogic Server through built-in WebLogic Web Server Proxy Plug-In. Deliver Web Server component for Fusion Middleware. Serve static web content such as HTML, JavaScript, Images etc, […]

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    Troubleshooting : oam_admin status is failed in WebLogic deployment for OAM Server

    Posted by "" in OAM, WebLogic on 2014-06-27

    Recently I came across the error where OAMConsole (Admin Console for Oracle Access Manager) was not working. This post covers steps to troubleshoot issues with OAM Console.   OAM console is J2EE application, deployed on WebLogic’s Admin Server. You access OAM console using http://webLogicHost:AdminPort/oamconsole . For me OAM console was resulting in 404 Not Found. […]

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    Solution for – Failed to initialize the application ‘opss-DBDS’ in WebLogic Server

    Posted by "" in OAAM, WebLogic on 2014-06-14

      Recently I came across the following error during the startup of Oracle Adaptive Access Manager Server which prevented the server from starting up: [EL Severe]: 2014-06-12 16:26:48.788–ServerSession(888474799)–Exception [EclipseLink-4002] (Eclipse Persistence Services – 2.3.1.v20111018-r10243): org.eclipse.persistence.exceptions.DatabaseException Internal Exception: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-28001: the password has expired Error Code: 28001 <Jun 12, 2014 4:26:48 PM IST> <Error> <Deployer> <BEA-149205> […]

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