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    How to find pid, port and memory consumption of running Oracle Internet Directory instance

    Posted by "" in oid, ovd on 2014-07-01

    This is a quick post to walk you through the steps to find the process identifier, port and memory utilization by a running Oracle Internet Directory Instance. The command to start and stop OID instance is opmnctl which is present at location: <MW_HOME>/<INSTANCE_NAME>/bin Following is the usage of opmnctl command: opmnctl help   usage: opmnctl […]

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    How to find schema version of fusion middleware components OIM, OAM, SOA, WebCenter, OPSS etc

    Posted by "" in FMW, OAAM, oid, ovd on 2014-06-24

    Fusion Middleware (FMW) products like Oracle SOA, WebCenter, Identity Management (OIM, OAM) etc , you must create schema using Repository Creation Utility (RCU). This schema version and status in maintained in registry table ( schema_version_registry ) under sys schema.   You can use the below method to find schema version of fusion middleware components from […]

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    How to Enable DSML Gateway in Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD)

    Posted by "" in ovd on 2014-06-19

    I discussed about OVD listners in my previous post in this post I am going to cover how to enable DSML (Directory Services Markup Language) Gateway over HTTP/S. OVD comes with four listeners where fourth listeners DSML Gateway (over HTTP) is disabled by default.  You use Fusion Middleware Control (/em) to enable DSML Gateway listener . […]

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    OVD DSML Admin Gateway

    Posted by "" in ovd on 2014-06-04

        Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD) is a directory server that provides LDAP and XML views of existing enterprise identity information, without synchronizing or moving data from its native locations like OID, AD, Databases etc. OVD acts as proxy in front of your various backend user repository. Directory Services Markup Language (DSML)  is xml representation of […]

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