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  • Solution for OPatch could not find OUI based inventory in the Oracle Home

    Posted by "" in "OHS, Oracle" on 2014-12-05

    I encountered the following issue when I was applying a patch on one of the Oracle HTTP Server installations.  $/u01/oracle/products/web/OPatch/opatch lsinventory OPatch could not find OUI based inventory in the Oracle Home. But, OUI location is provided using ‘oui_loc’ option. Please check the inventory of the Oracle Home and run OPatch again.  OPatch failed with […]

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    No High Availability support for OAM Access SDK

    Posted by "" in "OAM" on 2014-12-04

    If you are planning to go ahead with high availability with Oracle Access Manager and custom Access gates, then you should be aware of a limitation that you may encounter when you are ready to test the integrated application. As of the latest release of Oracle Access Manager (Dec 2014), there is no high availability […]

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    Post Install check failed on the HTTP Server

    Posted by "" in "ebs r12" on 2014-11-25

    Yesterday, I was Installing EBS 12.1.1 and came up with an error at the time of post installation checks wherein the options HTTP, Virtual Directory, Help Page, JSP and Login Page got failed. After checking the log file HTTP_Server~1.log under:  /d01/oracle/PROD/inst/apps/PROD_iamtr65/logs/ora/10.1.3/opmn i got to know about one missing shared library  libdb.so.2 To Fix this Issue: […]

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    Oracle Advanced Controls

    Posted by "" in "Uncategorized" on 2014-11-24

    Introduction:- Oracle GRC term is relatively new word compared to Oracle E Business Suite , But it is getting hot day by day. Where GRC Stands for Governance – Risk Management – Compliance. GRC takes cares of Corporate Governance ,Corporate Compliance , and Enterprise Risk management. GRC integrates organizations to manage known and unknown risks […]

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    Configure Oracle Unified Directory in SSL Mode with Self-signed Certificate

    Posted by "" in "FMW" on 2014-11-13

    In this post, I will walk you through the steps involved in configuring Oracle Unified Directory to accept connections over SSL using a self-signed certificate. To know more about Oracle Unified Directory, check this post: http://trainings.k21technologies.com/oracle-unified-directory-at-a-glance/ Below are the steps involved in creating a self-signed certificate and using it with OUD to enable it to […]

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