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  • Error reading file due to malformed XML data file^../ObAccessClient.xml

    Posted by "" in "linux, OAM" on 2015-01-15

    Problem: In Oracle Access Manager 10g Webgates, the ObAccessClient.xml file is continuously watched and updated programmatically by the webgate plugin. In case of event of insufficient disk space or operating system I/O error, the ObAccessClient.xml file may get corrupted and you may start encountering the logs in oblog.log as below:   2015/01/12@16:30:08.530990      15497   […]

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    Oracle Mobile Security Suite Certification (1Z1-442)

    Posted by "" in "OMSS" on 2014-12-30

    Overview Here at K21 Technologies, we strive to learn, work and provide training on the latest Oracle products in the market. Oracle Mobile Security Suite is one of the latest offering by Oracle in mobile space. Oracle Mobile Security Suite provides secure access to the corporate resources on employees’ personal phone. It overcomes the limitations imposed by […]

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    Oracle Mobile Security Suite Installation on Linux

    Posted by "" in "OMSS" on 2014-12-23

    Overview Oracle Mobile Security Suite provides a containerised enterprise workspace on their personal mobile devices from where employees can access the corporate data seamlessly without compromising the user experience. In this post, we will see how we can install the various components of Oracle Mobile Security Suite. To know more about OMSS, you can read […]

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    Introduction to Oracle Mobile Security Suite

    Posted by "" in "OAG, OMSS" on 2014-12-17

    Overview Its official – there are more mobile devices than people in the world. Most of you would be carrying multiple mobile devices with you for different reasons. One of the reason would be to keep the corporate data on a separate device. Some people want to just access the corporate enterprise resources on their […]

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    Oracle LDAP Performance Testing Tool

    Posted by "" in "oid" on 2014-12-07

    Introduction LDAP Performance plays a major role in the overall performance of the application and is one of the highly critical factors during the implementation phase. It is paramount to have the LDAP properly tuned with appropriate configuration. Oracle provide LDAP performance testing tool to evaluate the performance of an LDAP server. We can use […]

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