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  • Oracle Access Management – Network Performance Considerations

    Posted by "" in "OAM" on 2014-07-11

                                                     Introduction Oracle recommends to follow certain network topologies in order to reduce the network latency. Lightening fast hardware and servers are of no use if your servers are not properly configured […]

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    Oracle SOA 12c – New Features

    Posted by "" in "FMW" on 2014-07-10

    Introduction Recently Oracle released the new exciting version of Oracle Service Oriented Architecture – SOA 12c (12cR1 – This release comes after the 11g release Oracle has taken feedback from several customers and partners about the existing version of the product, things that they wanted in SOA which would help them provide the […]

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    How to Clone Machine on Oracle Virtual Box

    Posted by "" in "VirtualBox" on 2014-07-07

    In this post, I am going to tell you about how to clone your machine on Virtual Box To understand the concept of cloning a Virtual Machine (VM) , One must know about Source O.S. and Host O.S. (O.S. – Operating System) a) Host O.S. (iamdemo) – The Physical O.S.  in which both Source O.S. […]

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    How to find pid, port and memory consumption of running Oracle Internet Directory instance

    Posted by "" in "oid, ovd" on 2014-07-01

    This is a quick post to walk you through the steps to find the process identifier, port and memory utilization by a running Oracle Internet Directory Instance. The command to start and stop OID instance is opmnctl which is present at location: <MW_HOME>/<INSTANCE_NAME>/bin Following is the usage of opmnctl command: opmnctl help   usage: opmnctl […]

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    Troubleshooting : oam_admin status is failed in WebLogic deployment for OAM Server

    Posted by "" in "OAM, WebLogic" on 2014-06-27

    Recently I came across the error where OAMConsole (Admin Console for Oracle Access Manager) was not working. This post covers steps to troubleshoot issues with OAM Console.   OAM console is J2EE application, deployed on WebLogic’s Admin Server. You access OAM console using http://webLogicHost:AdminPort/oamconsole . For me OAM console was resulting in 404 Not Found. […]

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