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    20 Jul

    Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) Authentication

    Posted in FMW, OAAM, OAM on 2014-07-20

    Introduction Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) is a solution that enables customers to create and run mobile applications that run natively on iOS and Android devices. MAF makes use of the well-known and widely used technologies such as Java, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS etc. to develop mobile applications which enables to create a single application for […]

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    19 Jul

    Writing Your First Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) Application

    Posted in FMW on 2014-07-19

    Introduction Oracle Mobile Application Framework (Oracle MAF) is a hybrid mobile framework that enables developers to develop applications rapidly and efficiently without worrying about the platform of deployment. There is no separate application development for Apple iOS and Google Android Platforms. Oracle MAF provides a complete MVC architecture lifecycle framework that leverages Java, HTML5 and […]

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    18 Jul

    OAM11gR2 Installation – Check points

    Posted in FMW, OAM, WebLogic on 2014-07-18

    Recently while attending an IAM bootcamp I came across couple of repeated questions from newbies so I decided to blog them. Hope it helps other fellow consultants too. 1. Pre-Requisites Kernel Failure This is one of the most common ignored pre-req check while installing any FMW component.This pre-requisite checks the configuration settings which is stored […]

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    16 Jul

    Managing Webtier(OHS) using Fusion Middleware Control Console (/em)

    Posted in FMW, WebLogic on 2014-07-16

    To begin with, I want to highlight the importance of Oracle HTTP Server to the Fusion Middleware. OHS is designed to deliver following benefits: Deliver HTTP Listener for Oracle WebLogic Server through built-in WebLogic Web Server Proxy Plug-In. Deliver Web Server component for Fusion Middleware. Serve static web content such as HTML, JavaScript, Images etc, […]

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    15 Jul

    Installation of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 4

    Posted in FMW on 2014-07-15

    Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c (previously known as Enterprise Manager Grid Control)  is industry’s only complete, integrated and business-driven enterprise cloud management solution. I will write another blog soon explaining its architecture and other components. Pre-reqs:- a) OS – Oracle Linux installation. I am using Oracle Linux 5 for this article. b) Database – I am […]

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